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The best team for heat transfer!

Know-how, many years of experience and great passion for heat transfer!!

General Management & Sales

The team of heat 11 in all disposes of more than 100 years of concentrated experience from innumerous projects with thermal oil plants. Together with our industrial partners heat 11 realizes in short time the optimum and custom-made solution for your heating requirement.


Dr.-Ing. Andreas Glueck

general manager

Born in 1963.
M.Sc. in mechanical engineering and Ph.D. in heat transfer of Univ. of Stuttgart. Experience in plant construction (DIDIER WERKE).
Managing director of a heat transfer company for many years and more than 20 years of experience with thermo oil systems.


Guido Reckmann

general manager

Born in 1967.
Industrial Engineer, is responsible for the areas of manufacturing, pipeline construction, IT, controlling, quality management and marketing. For many years, he was the managing director of a special machine manufacturer for automation solutions, and has international experience and extensive expertise.


Torsten Schelp

general manager

Born in 1965.
In charge of supply chain management, purchasing and HR. Expert merchant purchasing and materials procurement. Torsten Schelp has over 14 years of experience in procurement of technical components for heat transfer oil plants, most recently as head of procurement for a manufacturer of heat transfer plants.


Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Hunold

† July 2020

Dietmar Hunold was co-founder and part of the management of heat 11.
He was M.Sc. in mechanical engineering and Ph.D. in heat transfer (solar thermal power plants) of Technical University of RWTH Aachen.

Dr. Hunold died in July 2020. We have written an obituary in his honor.


Brigitte Thiele

assistant to general management

Brigitte Thiele has long term working experience with international companies.


Juan Cuestas

sales director, authorized signatory

Born 1958 in Lima (Peru).
Dipl.-Ingenieur (FH).
Juan Cuestas has over 25 years of experience with HTF systems, for example with Baumgarte steam power plants (Lurgi) and further heat transfer companies.


Rainer Lübbecke

sales manager

Born in 1963.
Dipl.-Ingenieur (FH), comprehensive experiences in mechanical engineering and construction in the fields of food, water treatment, gas processing and complex heat transfer high temperature plants.


Thomas Stieber

sales manager

Born in 1968.
Mechanical Engineer, more than 15 years experience of consulting and sales in the fields of thermal oil plants, serving especially food, plastics and machinery and equipment industries.


Juergen Kroeger

sales manager

Born in 1956.
Over 40 years experience in thermal oil technology in the elds of construction and project planning. 2011–2017 technical manager (authorized signatory) in a company of heat transfer plants.


Norbert Klocke

sales manager

Born in 1956.
Trained machine fitter and mechanical engineer, since 1980 various positions in companies for power plant construction and the industrial heating technology.
Expert for waste heat recovery plants.


Adriaan de Jong

piping systems manufacture and installation

Born in 1982.
Adriaan de Jong (M.Sc.) has been leading pipeline construction and assembly teams for the installation of heat transfer systems and for steam boilers and power plant technology for many years.


Ramona Remke

after-sales service - international

Trained office clerk. Active in the fittings sector for over 17 years. Ms. Ramona Remke has experience in pipeline construction and assembly since 2013.


Carsten Skarupke

commercial manager

Born in 1971.
Has many years of experience in the field of heat transfer systems with hot water and thermal oil. At heat 11 he takes responsibility for the areas of purchasing, logistics and after-sales service.

heat11 manufacture


Stefan Witte

work preparation

Born in 1967.
Manager work preparation and welding supervisor. Certified VT-II and PT-II examiner and “International Welding Specialist (IWS)”. Since 2012 several responsible positions for the production of pressure vessels and thermal oil plants.


William Tissen

electronics engineer

Born in 1989.
Electronics engineer for operation technology. Being active in the control and plant construction of thermal oil plants since 2006. At heat 11 he is responsible for the supervision of the electrical assembly and for the final acceptance tests.


Marcel Zillig

head of production

Born in 1990.
Marcel Zillig is a trained mechatronics engineer with many years of experience in the construction of thermal oil plants. His career at heat 11: started as a fitter, then workshop manager for several years and since 2020 head of production.

Engineering & Service

Our engineering team is also well experienced and has managed many successful HTF projects. And behind is truly the passion to work on all questions of the industrial heat transfer in an optimum way. With the objective to design production processes effectively, economically and environmentally friendly.


Lars Holtmann

manager electrical engineering

Born in 1970.
Dipl.-Ingenieur (FH), B.Sc. in electrical engineering (process control). Working experience in the field of heat transfer systems since 1997. He is one of the founders of heat 11.


Lutz Vielehr

manager mechanical engineering

Born in 1963.
Motor mechanic, industrial mechanic, Dipl.-Ingenieur (FH), B.Sc. in mechanical engineering. Working experience with HTF systems since 1999. He is one of the founders of heat 11.


Mehmet Güleryüz

project management

Born in 1979.
Dipl.-Ingenieur (FH), Mehmet Güleryüz is regarded as proven thermal oil expert and project specialist. He can rely on years of experience in the fields of sales support, project management as well as construction and development.


Karsten Lödige


Born in 1984.
Electronics installer plant technology. Karsten Loedige is active around the globe to support our customers. He has more than 10 years of experience in the field of thermal oil plants.


Piotr Sergiel


Born in 1982.
Electrical engineer,
since 2014 experience in the field of thermal oil plants.


Ingolf Kaeßmeyer

measurement + control technology

Born in 1958.
Dipl.-Ingenieur (FH). Electrical engineer with an outstanding expertise on firing systems, process engineering and control technologies (Weishaupt, Saacke). Specialist for energy monitoring, more than 20 years of experience in heat transfer technology.


Tahsin Demiray

project management

Born in 1979.
Dipl.-Ingenieur (FH) mechanical engineering.
Many years of experience in plant engineering of thermal oil plants in the field of sales support, project management as well as construction.


Stevo Roknic

CAD engineering

Born in 1978.
Mechanical engineer.
Stevo Roknic has acquired extensive experience with 3D CAD programs – e.g. in constructing and developing components of metal and plastic.
Since 2011 working for heat 11.


Asra Ur Raheman

CAD engineering

Born in 1992.
M. Sc. in Mechanical Engineering. Asrar Ur Raheman has acquired good knowledge of 3D-construction and thermal simulation. He is responsible for pipe-design and development of thermal oil plants.


Thorsten Fiedler

CAD engineering

Born 1972.
Foreman in precision engineering. Since 2012 working in the field of design and construction of thermo oil plant. Experienced in different 2D as well as 3D CAD software.


Pascal Höpner

project management

Born in 1989.
Trained electrical engineer in operating technology, followed by the study of regenerative energies – electrical engineer (FH). Working as a project manager for electrical constructions at heat 11.


Niklas Köpper

project management

Born in 1993.
Bachelor of engineering (FH, mechanical engineering). With the specialization in the field of development and construction Niklas Köpper is supporting the project management of thermal oil plants.


Kai-Uwe Krause


Born in 1966.
Trained forwarding agent with many years of experience in national and international transports. Project manager for jumbo special equipment. Kai-Uwe Krause supports shipping and logistics since 2017.

Business Administration


Sandra Bresch

accounting + finance

Sandra Bresch is a Certified Accountant (IHK) and is responsible for the financial accounting and cost control.


Anke Funke

accounting + finance

Anke Funke is commercial employee in the field of financial accounting and cost control.


Thomas Schulte


Born in 1975. Thomas Schulte is trained merchandiser and working in the purchase department at heat 11.