Services for Thermal Oil Plants

Services for Thermal Oil Plants

3 factors for a long service life
and optimum availability

So that your plant always operates reliably and profitably, it must be well designed, carefully manufactured and regularly maintained. heat 11 supports you with a full range of services and high quality spare parts.


Design and maintenance

We provide you with comprehensive engineer’s technical advice on new plants, extension or modernization of your plants, we take care of assemblies, commissionings, training courses, maintenances and repairs.

Plant service


Spare parts

We are your competent partner for a comprehensive supply of original spare parts at decent prices for all new and existing plant makes.

Spare parts


Modifications and retrofits

We make your plant save and reliable: less energy consumption, fewer emissions and fewer malfunctions. This protects the environment and increases the profitability.

Plant optimization

Important information for operators
of thermal oil plants

Anyone who operates thermal oil plants but does not maintain them regularly in accordance with the time and technical specifications is taking a full risk!

Without maintenances and relevant evidences the plant operator does not only loose his warranty claims against the manufacturer of the plant, but under some circumstances even his insurance coverage.

There is a risk of downtime and claims for recourse that exceed the costs of regular maintenance and repair by a multiple!

Defective small part


personal injury


maximum claim

Between failure costs and risk of explosion

Sealings, valves, vent lines or compensation tanks are the critical sectors in heat transfer systems. But thermal oils, pumps and piping systems can also become problem sources quickly.


Seals are often exposed to movement and high temperature fluctuations. If they fail, liquids and vapors can escape. There is an increased security risk for your employees.

Cracks in piping system

Corrosion in the heater is often recognized too late. Cracks can occur. If heat transfer oil enters the combustion chamber, it ignites. The consequences are intense heat and soot.

Thermal overload

The heat transfer oil decomposes. This results in the formation of highly flammable low boilers (flash point) and solid components that settle in the system and disrupt the plant operation.

heat 11 After-Sales-Service: We make every effort
for your safety and your success

Our service is in accordance with DIN 4754 and VDI 3033 and includes all mandatory safety checks as well as regular oil analyzes to avoid plant damages and the preparation of expert reports.

Scope of supply

Fired heater, electric heater or secondary circuit – we offer components and know-how


Direct availability – also of individual designs – thanks to predictive manufacturing


Customized maintenance routine for the best protection
against downtime and failure costs


Conformity to ensure insurance coverage
and occupational safety

So that heat transfer plants operate reliably and failure-free, regular maintenance services are indispensable. As per DIN 4754 and VDI 3033 the used thermal oil needs to be checked at least once a year for its further usage since the thermal oils – in a similar way to engine oils at vehicles – are subject to wear and tear. If this does not happen, expensive plant failures or even destruction of the plant is the consequence.

The safety equipment also needs to be regularly checked and maintained- at least annually, many safety fittings even daily. A corresponding evidence in writing must be kept for these works – which may be performed by expert personnel only.

Scheduled preventive maintenances of the plant and heat transfer medium as well as the usage of the proper spare parts and wearing parts are therefore the best protection against expensive plant standstills and repairs.

However, when it happens after all that a plant stops or does not operate properly, quick and uncomplicated help must be provided. Our service technicians are on duty around the clock! And for the important verification all relevant plant characteristics along with repair and maintenance history remain saved in the electronic data bank. So no important detail escapes, no maintenance and service appointment is missed.

Plant shutdown? Malfunctions?

We help in the event of sudden plant shutdowns: Free telephone advice and support! If required, we send a technician quickest possible.

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