Plant optimization
Plant optimization

Measures to enhance efficiency for thermal oil plants.
Simple and effective – Save energy and reduce operating costs due to our plant optimization.

Choice primary energy

Oil, gas or electricity? When selecting the primary energy there are considerable saving potentials. higher acquisition costs will amortize quickly.

Reduce pressure drops

The higher the pressure drops, the higher is the electricity consumption of auxiliary equipment such as pumps.

Correct heat transfer medium

High heat capacity and good thermal conductivity, paired with low viscosity and high thermostability are decisive.

Combustion air preheating

The efficiency for fired boilers is significantly increased over 90 % with air preheating – this reduces the fuel consumption and emissions.

Our objective is to design production processes efficiently, economically and environmentally friendly. For this reason the topics of energy efficiency and renewable energies became a central mission of our management. This includes plants for the generation and treatment of heat, electricity and gas from biomass as well as heat recovery or solar energy.

Under the slogan “go green” we want to make a significant contribution with our partners to realize climate-neutral, reliable and energy-efficient solutions to cover the world’s growing demand for energy.

Is your plant already optimized regarding the energy efficiency?