Fired heaters – high efficiency in combination
with waste heat recovery

Fired heaters (thermal oil boilers) primarily convince through high heating outputs. The use of air preheaters and waste recovery systems increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the system.

Fired heaters / thermal oil boilers
horizontal design

Fired heaters / thermal oil boilers
vertical design

Temperature range

With the fired heaters of heat 11, temperatures up to 400 °C can be operated reliably and long-lasting. Up to 560 °C can be achieved with molten salts.


Heaters from heat 11 are available with thermal capacities from 100 – 30.000 kW.

heat transfer

Water, mineral oils, silicone oils, synthetic oils and molten salts


Natural gas, bio gas, lean gas, oil, solid fuels (biomass)


Heating of dryers, double-belt presses, reactor heating, gas processing, waste gas treatment (combustion)

Measures for the efficiency increase

Air preheaters, waste heat recovery systems

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