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Secondary loops: One heater – individual temperatures

When individual machines or apparatus shall be controlled independently from the temperature level in the primary loop, our secondary loops are first choice. Individual, precise and economic. In combination with our coolers, also cooling processes are controlled.

Elektrischem Erhitzer mit Sekundärkreislauf zur Beheizung einer Doppelbandpresse - electric heater with secondary loops and various secondary loops

Secondary loop with heating unit

Wärmeträger – Sekundärkreislaufblock als 9-Kreis-Anlage. heat transfer medium – Secondary loop block as 9-loop plant with coolers

Secondary loop block as 9-loop plant

Sekundärkreislauf - secondary loop

Subcontrol loop

Unterregelkreis (Sekundärkreislauf) für die unabhängige Temperaturregelung einer Kaschiermaschine - Sub-control loop (secondary loop) for the independent temperature control of a laminator

Secondary loops (cabinet assembly)

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