One technology – many applications

HTF-plants are used in many industrial processes and many applications.


The availability of process heat in the high temperature ranges plays an important role in the chemical industry. Thermal oil systems are used here for heating polymerization plants, polycondensation plants, for the spinning head heating and polyester fiber production but also in the field of plastic extrusion, the temperature control of compounders, dryers, vacuum filters and reactors. Another field is the heating of storage tanks for crude oil.

Polymerization plants, polycondensation plants, spinning head heating, production of polyester fiber, plastics extrusion, temperature control of kneaders, dryers, nutsche filters and reactors.


In the energy sector, there are many application ranges for thermal oil plants. Sectors of application are in particular the gas processing in biomass power plants and conventional gas power plants, the waste heat recovery in ORC plants or the power generation in solar thermal and hybrid power plants.

Solar thermal power plants with parabolic trough technology, biogas processing, generation of energy from biomass.


Thermal oil systems – mostly centrally heated and connected with the consumers by multiple secondary loops – are mostly used in the wood materials and furniture industry for heating presses and coating plants, wax melting pots or laminating plants.

Heating of presses and coating plants, wax melting boilers, laminating plants.


Throughout the plastics processing, heat is required. Thermal oil systems with heaters as well as secondary loops for the distribution of thermal energy are used for example for the temperature control of flat film calenders and coating plants, for temperature control of die casting tools or the heating of meltdown baths (core melting technology).

Temperature control of flat foil calenders, heating of coating plants.
Temperature control of injection moulding tools, heating of core melting technology.
Heating of calenders and tensioning frames, washing machines and mangles, coating plants.


In the sector print and paper there are mostly two major fields of application available for heat transfer plants: On the one hand, thermal oil systems with electric or fired heaters are used for the heating of flexographic printing machines, on the other hand thermal energy is obtained from the thermal (or regenerative) post-combustion of production exhaust by waste heat recovery systems and supplied to various processes.

Heating of flexographic printing presses, thermal (or regenerative) post-combustion of waste air due to production with waste heat recovery.


In the food industry,electric or fired heaters with subsequent primary and secondary consumer loops feed the central production processes such as baking, roasting, brewing or homogenisation with thermal energy. The sectors of applications are canteen kitchens, industrial baking ovens, plants for the milk powder production or the production of convenient food.

Large kitchens, industrial baking ovens, production of milk powder and convenient food.

Maritime Applications

Heating of bitumen and heavy oil tanks, waste heat recovery behind the main motors and gas turbines.