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Here are the right hot oil heaters!

Here are the right hot oil heaters!

Heat transfer plants, heating-cooling plants and temperature control systems in
the temperature range from – 100 up to + 560 °C.

Fired Heaters (Thermal oil)

Efficient solutions: Fired heaters from 90 – 30.000 kW.

Electric Heaters

Easy to install: Electric heaters from 50 – 2.000 kW

Heating-Cooling Plants

Temperature control of processes with an accuracy of one degree

Secondary Loops

For the temperature control of several consumers

Steam Generators

Indirectly, with thermal oil heated steam generators

Waste Heat Recovery

Air preheating and heat recovery for high efficiency

Plant Engineering

Planning, manufacture and

Pump Skids

Compact, pre-piped pump skids for lower pressure drop

Container Plants

Install, connect, ready:
Container solutions
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