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Set up, connect, ready!

Quick installation and lowest pressure drops: Thermal oil pump skids of heat 11 are shop-preassembled and supplied as skid ready for installation.

Thermoöl Pumpengruppe. Thermal oil pump skids.

Single Pump Skid

Doppelte Pumpengruppe. Double Pump Skid by heat 11.

Double Pump Skid

Pumpengruppe (Thermoöl-Zwischenkreislauf) - Pump Skids (thermal oil intermediate circuit)

Threefold pump skid

In particular with large nominal widths, the piping in thermal oil plants are exposed to numerous stress factors: Its tare weight (including heat insulation) and the weight of the heat transfer fluid passing through the pipes leads to stresses and deformation. heat 11 has further developed a procedure that records the cutting loads of the piping system on the nozzles of the plant components – such as pump skids – at various loading conditions and determines appropriate solutions for discharging the loads.

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